Business & Entertainment

Today’s high-speed, high-tech world requires employers and employees to come to quick resolutions in the process of negotiating business and entertainment contracts and other written agreements. It is imperative that the agreements encompass all up-to-date issues surrounding the affected rights and agreements of the parties involved. At East Nashville Law we strive to stay abreast of the evolving industry markets, trends, technologies and the laws that regulate them.

From initial negotiations through drafting and signings, our team works with our clients to make sure that they are informed of contract options and their rights. Through this process we ensure that all matters that should be addressed are addressed.

Some of the many issues we cover are:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • business asset purchases
  • business formation (for-profit and non-profit)
  • bylaws
  • articles of incorporation
  • conflict of interest policies
  • employee agreements
  • non-compete clauses
  • leasing agreements
  • franchise agreements and upkeep
  • production agreements
  • artist agreements
  • management agreements
  • film and tv agreements
  • producer agreements
  • union and non-union trade agreements
  • promotion agreements
  • publishing agreements
  • touring agreements
  • record deal
  • and any other related contract, breach thereof and resulting litigation, negotiation or mediation.