Family Law

Family Law is a term that encompasses most legal issues surrounding families. These issues go from marriage to divorce, adoption to the revocation of parental rights and most issues surrounding children such as child support and custody. Issues with one’s family often are very sensitive. Many times the law cannot truly go to the root of the issue because it requires emotional and not legal resolution.

At East Nashville Law we recognize the sensitive nature of family

issues and approach each person that comes to us with openness. We work closely with our clients to reach favorable results for the given situation. Often the processes take several steps and can be very tedious. Since it can be both tedious and sensitive it is important to have someone who can serve as your voice and guide. We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients in letting them know what is going in there case. Do not let important family law issues go unattended. Like most situations, getting started early means you have the time to do it right.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.